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Zerona in Jacksonville : Zero Pain Liposuction

Are you constantly doing abdominal exercises and religiously following a strict diet but still not getting any positive results to get rid of your tummy fat?  Zerona in Jacksonville, FL is a new revolutionary way to get rid of bulgy stomach fat without liposuction.  The procedure has zero pain and zero downtime.

Zerona Liposuction is a convenient service available at Thin Centers which is the home of certified physician, Dr. Anthony Capasso, located at Jacksonville and the neighboring areas of Florida. It is a laser liposuction system that can get rid of your hard to remove fats in different areas of your body without the cuts.  The fat is released from the body and excreted away to have a slimmer waist, thighs and chest.

Using exercises to get rid of fatty bulges in our body can be futile even though sometimes it can be effective to remove some fat and build muscle tissues.  But some sturdy and hard to remove fat may remain.  Zerona can get rid of this remaining stubborn fat and let you lose 3 or more inches off of your body in just 2 weeks.

Zerona can be effective for both men and women who want to have a perfect body contour or silhouette.  This procedure can help you sculpt your body figure without the need of undergoing the pain of surgery.  Body contouring can be done in the different areas of the body such as your waist, stomach, love handles, buttocks, hips, thighs, arms and legs.  It is the best alternative to regular liposuction.

If you are wanting to get a slim silhouette fast without the invasive surgery, contact (904) 694-0992 now to schedule your Zerona consultation with Dr. Capasso.  Get into the perfect shape with no surgery, zero-downtime and zero-pain liposuction!



Bio-identical Hormones: Why Different from Synthetic?

Bio-identical hormones in Jacksonville, FL can relieve the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances for both men and women.  Hormones are chemical substances naturally produced by the cells of our bodies.  These chemical substances play a very significant role in our body and an insufficiency could lead to hormonal imbalance.

There are hormonal changes in our body during our life stages that begin at our birth and continue until our adulthood.  As we age, it is common to experience some depletion in the body’s natural production of these needed hormones.  It is during this stage that it is very crucial to regulate or replace the needed hormones so the body can function normally.  That is why hormone replacement therapy came into play– to provide us relief in the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

There are two types of hormones used in hormone replacement therapy: Synthetic hormones and Bio-identical hormones.  Bio-identical hormones are the type of hormones provided by Dr. Anthony Capasso of Thin Centers.  The reasons this type of hormone is more suitable than the synthetic hormones are listed below:

  • Naturally derived
  • Same molecular structures as our body hormones
  • No likelihood for cancers and heart disease

Bio-identical hormones can be easily recognized by our body because their chemical structure is very identical to the natural hormones that our body produces.  Synthetic hormones are commonly known to produce very unhealthy side effects since they are not identical to the hormones naturally produced in our body.

Call (904) 694-0992 to schedule a Hormone Evaluation with Dr. Capasso’s office at Thin Centers.  





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