Hair Growth Laser – Laser Hair Care 4000

• The laser is pain-less and has greater than 30 rotating lasers to treat your whole scalp
• It stimulates the blood supply at your hair roots to help strengthen your current hair follicle resulting in thicker stronger hair by “photostimulation.”
• Treatment times last between 20-30 minutes. Most clients need 20-30 treatments to start seeing results
• The use of other hair growing products like minoxidil and or finasteride can be continued during treatment.
• The laser hair treatments can help with further hair loss and help healing post hair transplant. It will not help dead follicles grow hair.
• There are no long term side effects from the treatments. Some clients may feel a warm or tingling, or itchy sensation after treatments which lasts for a few minutes and goes away.
-Hair loss or damaged hair
– Alopecia areata
– Seborrhea
– Psoriasis
– Post hair transplant

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