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I started my weight loss journey a month after I returned to school from 8 weeks of maternity leave. The adoption process for my newborn daughter was immensely stressful and I gained 40-50 pounds from emotional eating in the six months leading up to her birth. I had been a Weight Watchers member in the past, but the program changes gave me too much freedom and I was not successful. I also tried other weight loss programs and exercise plans, but I could not stick with them long term. I had lunch with another Duval employee who is a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a while and I was so surprised at how wonderful she looked. When I asked her what she was doing, she told me all about Thin Centers MD and the Fresh Diet. I went to their website and also to the Wellness section of the DCPS website to see what benefits I had as an employee. The cost hands down was the deciding factor for me to give it a try. I enrolled on April 30, 2013. Dr. Capasso and his amazingly supportive staff really helped change my mindset about weight loss and made it more about a lifestyle change. I learned more about how to make better food choices and to make those choices into permanent habits. I have not missed a weigh in since April 30th and I have now shed over 40 pounds to date. I love the way I look and feel! However, the support never stops. If I get in an eating rut, the staff is always ready to give me suggestions for additional foods, websites, and recipes. If the scale is stuck on a particular number for a couple of weeks, they look at my specific numbers for fat, water, and protein and suggest ways for me to change up my eating and water intake to get my metabolism going again so the number on the scale will continue going down. When I make my appointment for the following week and realize that I need to stay late at school, the staff at Thin Centers MD are always accommodating to change my weigh in date and time to whatever works best for me. When I do consult with Dr. Capasso, his discussion with me is about the whole body and mind. It’s not about the number on the scale or the bad choices of foods I ate the previous night. He delves deeper into what I want, how I want to look and feel, and ways to achieve my goals through meditation, positive thinking, and suggested exercise. My body now only craves healthy choices and food takes on a new meaning to me…..nourishment. I am no longer battling the bulge; I am battling clothes that are too big!


Dr. Capasso and Kim/Thin Center,I just wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation for your help in putting me on a path to better health.

I saw Dr. Capasso in the fall because I was overweight, feeling sluggish, and wanting to find out my various blood readings, in an effort to figure out why I was having so much trouble addressing some of my problems, particularly my weight gain. He analyzed my blood results, prescribed specific vitamins to target areas of need, and then walked me over to the Thin Center. He told me that I needed to loose some weight in order to regain control of my health, and that as a Duval County school teacher, I was eligible for a discounted rate. I decided that day to begin my journey to health.

In December when I started, my cholesterol was very high, 283. Now, three months later, and 26 lbs. lighter, my cholesterol is 100 points lower, and all done with NO prescription medications. I have more energy and my feet, hips, and knees feel better. I have better concentration and improved self esteem, all of which I am certain translates into a more active, enthusiastic classroom demeanor and overall better performance.

Without the teacher discount that I was able to get through your arrangement with the Duval County School Board, I would have found it difficult to afford your program, and might not have made the decision to join the Thin Center program and my health would still be in jeopardy. I would also ask that you pass along my appreciation to the responsible individuals at the School Board (or tell me whom to contact), so they know how much their encouragement matters, and are aware of the value of this wonderful partnership.
~ Mary Mickle

I have struggled with weight for several years. When I heard about Thin Centers through a co-worker, I jumped at the chance. I saw her and her husband’s results and felt I could do the same. With the friendly faces, very well explained diets, and delicious foods, the weightloss was easy. I started in June 2013 and have lost about 40 pounds. Weekly weigh ins helped keep me focus and in charge of my results.
~ Jannell
Before I came to Thin Center MD this November I was in bad shape. I was gaining weight at the rate of about a pound or two each month. Nothing I had done could seem to help. I was being attentive to what I ate and it didn’t seem to make a difference. In addition to the weight gain, I was feeling sluggish and was having difficulty carrying on with my daily teaching activities. I had attributed a lot of the problems to my age (57). Additionally, my blood sugar had started to creep up so that I was considered prediabetic. This was especially troubling because diabetes and heart disease are rampant in my family and both of my parents died at younger ages due to complications of these diseases.
I came to Thin Center MD at the beginning of November. I started with a month of HCG shots and the HCG diet. I started to lose right away. Also, Dr. Capasso identified some other issues that were standing in the way of my weight loss. He discovered that I needed thyroid and B12 supplementation. After a month of HCG, I began the Fresh Diet. This is pretty simple to follow. In the four months I have been on the program, I have lost 25 pounds. While this is not dramatic, it is significant. Even more significant than the weight loss is the fact that my blood sugars are lower, my cholesterol is dropping, and I am feeling much better. I feel that I can continue to lose and, more importantly, for my health to improve. I attribute this change to Dr. Capasso and to Thin Center MD.
~ Linda
I am a true believer that Dr. Capasso and his team are in the business of changing lives for the better.
I am a 43 year old woman who thought that I was alright with maintaining weight was a good thing. I gained over 125 pounds and maintained the weight fluctuating up and down over the years within a range of 2 to 10 pounds. I felt that I didn’t have to change my eating habits because in the past, the diet programs (very popular ones) never worked for me. The poor eating habits I had helped me maintain my weight. I just felt this was how it would be for me.
When I met Dr. Capasso and his dynamic team I had hit an all time low. I was the heaviest I had even been in my life, I had recently become a school teacher, and I was having problems within my family. I was stressed to the point of thinking about quitting my job and moving away because I needed a life style change immediately. He introduced me to eating properly and loving myself enough to want to change. He explained what I really wanted to maintain is a healthy balance of weight and it would allow for me to gain control of other areas in my life.
I weighed 250lbs. I am now an exciting 200lbs. and I have gained more confidence than I have ever gained in weight. I look younger, I feel better, and I now have more energy for my family and my job. My family, former and current students, co-workers, and friends can tell the difference. I have Dr. Capasso and his team to thank. Truly, he has changed my life.
~ Nicole
When I finished the school year this past June I was overweight, had no energy, and my knees hurt constantly. My wife looked on the school board website and found that the School Board’s insurance was working with Thin Center’s MD for employees who were overweight. At her insistence I started the program with her and I am so glad I did. I have lost almost seventy pounds in about three months. I am off all blood pressure medication. The program was simple to understand and to follow. I now feel better about myself, have lots more energy and my knees don’t hurt at all allowing me to walk four or five days daily. I would definitely recommend Thin Centers MD to anyone who is serious about wanting to lose weight.
~ Art

Grapefruit diet, starvation diets, liquid diets…I’d been on them all in the past. I hate to admit it, but I usually went on a crash diet a week or two before a big event just so I could look good for that special weekend. The down side was that the weight always came back, but I just couldn’t stand the thought of starving the rest of my life to keep the weight off.This is a true statement! Our goal is to safely help you lose your weight and teach you the eating habits to successfully keep it off.I loved the program as it gave me the kick I needed to change my lifestyle and habits. The plan is very easy to follow with a great deal of support and motivation form Dr. Capasso and staff. I began the program starting at 198 pounds. I am now 164 pounds and getting thinner each and every day. As I began to drop the weight my energy increased which lead me to start exercising. I am now walking 3 miles a day.I carry several cards in my wallet because I want to share with others my success. This program has really changed my life. They say “past behavior is a predictor of future behavior”. Without the weekly visits, and the monthly meeting with Dr. Capasso and the program provided by the Duval County School System and BCBS, I am afraid to define what my health would have looked like.

Thank You
~ Sally

Dear Dr. Capasso and Sondra,Just a quick note to express my deep appreciation for all you both have done for my tremendous weight loss journey!When I first saw you a little over two months ago, I weighed 250 pounds at 5 foot 10 inches. That translated into a size XXL polo and 48 inch waist pant. Weighing 250 pounds also meant having to take Exforge, a blood pressure medication of last resort, as well as cholesterol lowering medications.You and Sondra immediately got me started on the HCG diet program and my life will never be the same! Not only have my eating habits and food centered lifestyle dramatically changed but also my overall general health. As of two weeks ago, my general family doctor took me off the blood pressure medication and reduced my cholesterol medications! This will be the first time in almost ten years that I have been almost medication free!

And, I almost forgot – as of today, I have lost and kept off almost 60 pounds! That translates into a size medium polo and 34 inch waist pant! My ultimate goal is 175 pounds, a goal which I am absolutely positive I will soon reach with your and Sondra’s continued support.

Again, thank you for the incredible healthy weight management program and the extraordinary support you and Sondra provide. I truly feel I have not been in this effort alone!

Dear Thin Center Employees,After three months of being a client of Dr. Anthony Capasso’s at Thin Centers MD of Mandarin, I have lost 33 pounds!! More importantly, my cholesterol level dropped from 230 to 155! One week after my blood was initially drawn, Dr. Capasso asked to see me about my high Cholesterol level. The Fresh Diet was recommended and Dr. Capasso advised me on the types of foods to eat and the ones I should stay away from. I am able to cook at home, eat at restaurants and continue to live a normal lifestyle without being hungry. I have followed this diet for three months and have seen tremendous results! I;s like to thank Dr. Capasso and the Thin Center employees for their guidance and support during my journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle.Sincerely,
~ Debbie
I have been the typical yo-yo dieter for most of my life. I would lose 10 pounds, gain back 11. Each time that scale went higher than it was before, I would be discouraged – why even try? But when I saw the information about Dr. Capasso in our D.E.W. Employee Health newsletter, something prompted me to give it a try.I started with Dr. Capasso and company in January 2010. While I have better months and worse months, depending on life activities, I feel I have been successful overall – much more successful than anything I ever done before. I have maintained a loss of 21 pounds. It’s still not where I want to be, and it’s a continuing struggle – I am come from a long line of “we love food” couch potatoes. But I look at where I started, and on my own I would be right back there now.The monthly weigh-ins keep me (mostly) on track. Like most of us, I lead a super busy life and going every month sometimes seems like a hassle, but I know it has to be done. I am more aware of what I need to do, and even though I don’t always do it, I keep trying – because I know that if I mess up this week, I can regroup and get back on track. They are always supportive (even when I mess up) and even when I feel a little down about my progress, they keep encouraging me and offering suggestions – I leave feeling more in power, more in control, more determined to do things that I know I should do. We seem to always be coming up on some holiday season or another, and I know that with Dr. Capasso and company’s help, I’ll make it through.
~ Jana
I have dealt with a weight issue most of my adult life and participated in many weight loss programs with little success. Through the Duval County school web site under employee wellness, I found the Thin Centers MD program under the supervision of Dr. Anthony Capasso. Upon contacting Thin Centers MD, I requested a consultation and during this initial evaluation I received a body composition, measurements, lab work, an EKG and physical/consultation with Dr. Capasso. His approach to my weight problem was refreshing and motivating. I have been on the program since March 24th and have lost 38 pounds! During this time, I have used the vitamins provided and followed the meal plan that was prescribed for me. My energy level has improved and I am not craving for foods that I had on other diets. I have my goal in sight and through the support of Thin Centers MD, I am confident that I will reach it and then maintain it through healthy eating and exercise. I strongly recommend this program for anyone wishing to make that change in their life!
~ Janie

Reflections on the “Smart for Life” Program offered in partnership with the Duval County Public Schools and Dr. Capasso.In January of this year, I was on the Duval County website and found that Dr. Capasso was offering the program, “Smart for Life” and his services for a discounted amount to Duval School employees. I called that day! That was the day that things began to change.I met with Dr. Capasso and he reviewed my medical history which included problems with my heart and excess weight which was causing an elevation in my blood pressure along with blood work that was in the pre-diabetic range. Additionally, for the past several years, despite my own personal efforts, my weight was dramatically increasing, to the point that I was over 100 pounds overweight. This additional weight not only made me feel tired, it was causing joint problems, and it was just exhausting to move! It affected everything that I did. I felt trapped in a cycle that I couldn’t break. Finally, I felt a sense that now things may change – and they did!For the past nine months, I was given support, encouragement, and a program that provided me with the resources needed to lose weight. I have lost almost 65 pounds and feel so much better about myself. I can move and now have energy after an exhausting day at work.

Excess weight affects each of us dramatically. The Smart for Life Program, along with the expert advice from Dr. Capasso, made the difference for me! I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for that program. I can’t say enough about how helpful it has been to me. It has been years since I had been able to lose any significant amount of weight.

I am now hopeful that I will obtain my goal weight and with the support of this program – keep it off. I am very grateful to Dr. Capasso for his interest in working with Duval Schools to provide a balanced and supportive weight loss program that can make a difference in the lives of so many teachers. I also am very grateful to Duval Schools for fostering such a wonderful partnership for its employees. This is a program that truly works and is needed by so many.

Many thanks,
~ Kathy

Kristy lost 103 lbs and 9 pants sizes in only 9 months!
The day I walked into Thin Center changed my life. I was very apprehensive, but I figured all I had to lose was weight so I gave it a try. Everyone that worked there was so nice. They answered all my questions and acted like my cheerleaders.I couldn’t believe it. In 6 weeks, I lost 30 lbs. My triglycerides went from 181 to 75 and my cholesterol 235 to 178. I felt great and kept losing. I went from a size 24 pants to a size 16. I am still going and loving it.
~ Laurie
I am a teacher in Duval County. I decided to go talk to Dr. Capasso after watching a coworker dwindle away in from of my eyes. I went in for a consultation, but was still unsure about the program. Dr. Capasso and his team were so understanding and thorough in their explanation of the process. They answered all of my questions and made me realize, they could help me become healthy again. I decided to join on the spot.I have been on the program for eight and half months. Since then, I have lost 98.8 pounds and 82.75 inches. Dr. Capasso and his team have changed my life. I have more energy and I feel better than I did when I started teaching ten years ago. I no longer take blood pressure medicine and my cholesterol level went from 297 to 114.I have tried dieting many times before and like most people, I have lost weight and gained it back. I know I will be successful with Dr. Capasso’s plan because of its simplicity and the overwhelming support of his team.
Thank you Dr. Capasso!
~Lisa M
Dr. Capasso,I cannot say enough about how much you and Thin Centers, MD have changed my life! With the help of you and your staff I have lost over 40 pounds in 4 months! I haven’t been this thin in over 16 years. Before I began this program my medical tests indicated “consistent with diabetes” and I knew I had to change my diet and begin exercising. I am expecting much better test results following the success of my Thin Centers, MD program. I have learned to eat smaller portions of healthier food, exercise at least three times a week, and enjoy life as a thinner person. Following your program has given me a formula to follow the rest of my life to remain healthy and active. Thank you and your staff again for a healthier me!

I started with Dr. Capasso on Saturday, January 14, 2012. I was 265 pounds and was hopeful that working with a doctor would make the difference in me being successful. You see, I have yo-yo on so many different diets for the last 20 years. I broke my leg 20 years ago, and because I believed I could not jog anymore and stress in my family life and job, I ballooned to a high of 265 pounds. Every diet worked the same way. I initially would lose 20 to 30 pounds. I would then hit a plateau, struggle and get discourage. The support goes away or is nonexistence and I quit and give up. I slowly return to the high weight until I try something new again.This time feels different. With Dr. Capasso’s Thin Center, I felt like I had so much support from the very beginning. I filled out a questionnaire that helped him understand my health history. I brought in my blood test results from my doctor and they took an EKG. Then they determine the correct diet for you and your life style. I was put on the Fresh Diet. I eat lean meats, fruits and vegetables that I can buy at the store and cook myself. I have lost 38 pounds in 4 months which is a healthy weight loss. The great thing is that I am not hungry on this diet. On my blood test 2 months after I started the program my sugar was down from 103 to 83 and I am not taking half the blood pressure medicine that I took at the beginning.The best part of this diet is that you get weekly support. I hit a plateau a month ago and instead of treating me like I was cheating or doing something wrong, they encourage me, modified my fresh diet to the fusion diet and I started losing again. I have never had a bad visit. Everyone is friendly, supportive and encouraging. What a difference from other programs elsewhere.I like seeing Dr. Capasso once a month. If I am having problems, he will help me through it. Also, if I needed to see him sooner, I just have to ask. I feel so much better at 225 pounds. I am very hopeful that if I can continue this program, that sometime next year I will make my goal of 140 pounds.

This is a very important program for Duval County Teachers. Many of my fellow teachers are obese and could use a program like this one. Please continue it.

~ Leslie

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