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How to Revitalize Your Hair this Winter

Winter can wreak havoc on virtually every part of your body. Not only are you typically eating more than usual, but your skin, nails, and hair are also getting damaged by the dryness in the air. If you are noticing that your hair is more dry and brittle than normal, it’s probably due to the cold weather and harsh winter winds. To help revitalize your hair and get it back to the healthy state it once was in, try these tips.

  • Coconut Oil
    hair healthCoconut oil can do wonders for your hair and skin— moisturizing it in ways you never knew possible. By helping to trap moisture into your hair, coconut oil will help to moisturize your dry ends and hopefully get your hair back to normal. Simply take a small amount of coconut oil and comb it through damp hair— focusing on the ends and avoiding your scalp. Leave the moisture on your hair for about 20 minutes. Shampoo and condition the coconut oil out of your hair. Repeat this process about twice a week.
  • Avoid the Heat
    Nobody likes to go outside on a cold day with wet hair, but your hair hates being treated with heat tools like a blow dryer, curling iron, and hair straightener even more. To avoid having to use a hair dryer, try washing your hair at night and letting it air dry— that way you don’t have to go outside with wet hair and you’re still protecting your hair from that unwanted and detrimental heat.
  • Wash Every Other Day
    Dry shampoos have made it big over the past couple of years— giving people the ability to only wash their hair a few times a week without looking greasy and unkempt. Because shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils, they can also cause your hair to dry out and become brittle. However, by washing your hair every two to three days, you can help to protect your hair from further damage caused by shampoo.

Give your hair back the moisture it deserves by following the tips above. To learn more about hair revitalization or to schedule an appointment, contact Thin Centers today!



How to Maintain Your Sex Drive As You Age

Having a healthy sex drive isn’t just a necessary part of any relationship but it can also give you the energy that you need in order to live a properly fulfilled life. However, as you age you might not only find that you aren’t able to do things like exercise the way you once used to, but you may also find that your sex drive has also started to plummet. However, by following the tips below, you can help to either maintain or increase your sex drive.

sex management1. Eating Right
Did you know that a healthy diet affects more than just your heart and waistline? A healthy diet can also increase your sex drive. To increase your libido, try to eat a diet enriched with the following foods:

• Strawberries
• Avocados
• Almonds
• Sweet Potatoes
• Sesame Seeds

2. Getting the Right Amount of Rest
The last thing you will likely feel like doing when your body is so exhausted and drained is having sex. However, by giving your body the rest it needs in order to recuperate every night (at least 8 hours) you can help to get the energy and excitement needed to have more sex, more often.

3. Exercise
It’s no secret that exercise gives you endorphins and so does sex. However, by frequently working out and releasing those endorphins, your body is more inclined to want to have sex in frequent and healthy doses. This isn’t to say that the more you work out, the more of a guaranteed sexual appetite you will have, but it does play a factor.

As an added suggestion, try exercising with your significant other. By getting hot and sweaty at the gym together, you can bring that same emotion into your bedroom afterwards.

It’s true what they say, as soon as your sex drive goes, the more likely your personal relationship is to fail. However, as you age you don’t have to give up on that intimacy with your significant other. By eating right, getting the right amount of rest, and exercising frequently, you can help to either maintain or increase your libido. To learn more about healthy living or to speak to an expert, contact Thin Centers today!





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