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3 Reasons to Schedule a Facial

facialsHere at Thin Centers MD, we offer several types of facials including hydrafacials and facial rejuvenation. As one of the best ways to restore your skin back to it’s natural healthy glow, facials also offer other great benefits that you might not be aware of. The next time you are debating whether or not to get a facial, vote “yes” for the following reasons.

  1. Hydrate

Just as your body can’t skip a day without having at least a small amount of water, your skin also shouldn’t miss out on staying hydrated. However, between the change of seasons and a busy schedule, the last thing you are likely to remember is to moisturize and hydrate your skin both morning and night. Luckily, during a hydrafacial at Thin Centers MD, you can help restore your skin and give it the moisture it needs to revitalize itself.

  1. Relax

If your life is like everybody else’s you likely have a large amount of stress that weighs you down. Whether it be work stress, family stress, money stress, or any other type of stress, it’s crucial that you take some time for yourself in order to take a deep breath and relax. As a great way to relax and rejuvenate, both hydrafacials and facial rejuvenations will give you the time-out that you need in order to recuperate. Plus, by using things like lavender oils, you can remain calm all day long and maybe even practice some deep breathing techniques throughout your day.

  1. Encourage Skin Renewal

During both a hydrafacial and facial rejuvenation, some type of exfoliating process will be used in order to rid your skin of dead cells and skin. Through exfoliation, old skin will be scrubbed away and the growth of new skin will be encouraged— leaving you with a smoother and glowier looking complexion.

As you can see, there are many benefits to scheduling a facial. From helping to hydrate your skin to helping you relax, these are three of the things to think about the next time you’re considering getting a facial. To learn more, contact Thin Centers MD!



How to Turn Your Diet Into a Lifestyle

health tipsNo matter where you turn it can seem like there’s a new diet fad— from green tea cleanses to protein diets, it can seem like there’s an up and coming diet wherever you look. However, as one of the pitfalls to many of these fad diets, people more often than not tend to get rid of the diet after a few weeks or months and end up gaining all of the weight back. If you are interested in a long-term lifestyle change, you need to learn how to turn your diet into part of your lifestyle. Read on to learn more.

Know Yourself

You more than anybody knows yourself. You know what your strengths are and you know what your weaknesses are. If you know that if someone brings doughnuts to the office that you’re going to have a hard time saying “No” then consider going on a diet that allows you to indulge in sweets every once in awhile. After all, by depriving your body of the things that you love most, you are more likely to fall off the wagon. Whereas if you participate in a diet program that has a little wiggle room, it will be easier for you to stick to. Know what your limits and expectations are before you go on a new diet.

Get a Support Team

It’s no fun to go to a hamburger joint with your friends only to see them ordering fries and milkshakes while you’re eating a salad without any sort of dressing on it. That’s why it’s important to try to find a support team. Whether you have your own family or live with friends/roommates, see if the people whom you spend most of your time with want to participate in the same diet with you. By not having things like cookies and chips tempting you from the pantry, you can help to stay on a better track towards success.

In order for you to live a healthy lifestyle in which you can keep extra weight off, you need a diet that is more than a diet; you need a diet that is a lifestyle. To learn more about choosing a diet for you, contact Thin Centers MD today!





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