Are there any complications to the insertion of pellets?

Complications are rare from the insertion of pellets.

They can include:

  • Minor bleeding during the procedure especially if you are taking an aspirin, fish oils or blood thinners. We usually have you discontinue your blood thinner 1 week prior to the procedure to lower this complication.
  • Bruising or discoloration of the skin lasting just a few days. This is also increased if you are on blood thinners.
  • Infection occurs in less than 2% of patients. Some patients may need to be pre-medicated with an antibiotic if they are at high risk for infections. High-risk patients include: Diabetics, or patients who have had Joint or valve replacements.
  • Extrusion or backing out of the pellet. Usually from starting vigorous exercise too soon after pellet placement.
  • Foreign Body reaction rarely patients can reject the pellet as being “foreign to you body” and extrude it. This usually occurs if the pellets are placed too superficially under the skin or they are sterilized with povidone iodine. We do not used pellets that are sterilized that way because of the potential higher risk for this reaction

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