Dr. Simeons HCG Protocol Jacksonville Beach

This diet was pioneered by Dr. A.T. Simeon, a British Physician in the 1950’s. It involves self-injections or sublingual use of HCG. This diet has been used successfully in Europe and South America since the 1950’s.

Researchers have found that HCG shots can actually help the body burn more fat and can be used to aid in weight loss when combined with a healthy low calorie diet.

Positive effects that have been associated with HCG include:

Increased energy without experiencing a sense of nervousness
Increased fat loss at the hips and waist
Improved sleep at night
Improved Mood

While there are some potential negative side effects to HCG therapy, these are generally mild and are not very troublesome to most people. Both men and women that are looking to get their weight under control can safely use it. (HCG) is a very safe all natural human hormone. It has been approved by the FDA for fertility and other medical purposes, but the FDA has not approved HCG specifically for weight loss. Several studies, like Dr. Daniel Bulluscio’s study in 2009 have shown the safety and efficacy of HCG on weight loss during Dr Simeon’s protocol.

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The health and safety of our clients is our primary concern. As a result, included in our fees are support services designed to monitor the overall health of our clients. These support services include: weekly weigh-ins, blood pressure checks, and your personal health counselor for any questions you have during the program.

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