7 Simple Weight-Loss Tips by Dr. OZ

You know a question I get asked most? I mean besides, “How do I live longer?” and “Doc, is a cursive-Q-shaped poop acceptable?

Yep, you got it: How do I drop pounds?

And I have to tell you, this time of year, it has to be one of the toughest questions around. You’re faced with the triumvirate of temptations in just a short span—bite-sized Halloween candy by the bucketful, then what seems to a be a 40-million-calorie Thanksgiving dinner, followed by a month of parties, meals, and more sweets than you know what to do with.

So in the face of the furious few months, anybody who’s trying to lose weight has to be up front about goals and expectations. Maybe you’re not going to lose as much as you want right now. Maybe it’s ok to indulge in Aunt Edna’s amazing pie (but just a little). Maybe your expectations should be about winning as many minor dietary battles as you can to get you through a rough stretch.

If that’s the case, as I believe it is with most folks who try to lose weight during the holidays, your strategy should be about finding places where you can make good, smart decisions that will keep you satisfied and ready to take on another day.

Quick Tips to Keep of the Pounds



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