Hormone Therapy in Female Patients

Hormone therapy can be an incredibly effective and safe supplemental treatment for those patients seeking to lose weight, feel younger and more vibrant, or just to improve their overall health.

For female patients, hormone therapy can be especially important. When women are treated with estrogen for other health conditions, it has been known to cause uterine bleeding. Additionally, estrogen can also cause cysts or pain in the breast tissue or increase the risk of breast cancer.

In order to counteract and treat these higher levels of estrogen it is important to consider hormone therapy. One of our popular treatments includes testosterone implants.

This treatment can help relieve hot flashes during menopause or other hormonal changes. Testosterone also increases bone density and muscle mass while decreasing fat. Used in conjunction with careful dieting and exercise, testosterone pellets can be an important element to improving your overall fitness and well-being.

If needed, our physicians could also prescribe estrogen as a cream or tablet to balance your hormones and treat conditions such as vaginal and urinary dryness, discomfort, urgency, frequency, hesitancy, and incontinence.

Progesterone may be used in addition to testosterone to help women who have difficulty with sleep, hot flashes, tension or anxiety.

Before any hormone therapy is administered, our office will conduct a complete hormone test and health evaluation. For more information contact our office today at 904-694-0992.



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