Naturally Whiten Your Teeth with These Foods

Eating AppleTeeth whitening is one of those things that every wants to reap the benefits of but nobody wants to work for. With in-office teeth whitening, whitening pens, whitening toothpastes, and whitening strips, the list of whitening solutions for you to choose from is virtually endless. However, whitening your teeth doesn’t have to be that hard, especially if you’re just trying to get rid of surface stains caused by foods and dark beverages. Read on to learn more about natural ways to whiten your teeth.


“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” might be an old saying that is only a little bit true, but eating an apple a day can actually help keep your smile a little brighter and whiter. The natural acidity in apples combined with the hard texture that acts as a brush against your teeth, both contribute to an apples ability to whiten up your smile in just a few bites. Plus, apples speed up your production of saliva which is one of the best ways to rid your teeth of germs and plaque that cause yellow teeth.


Water is good for pretty much every part of your body— you have a headache? Drink water. You have a cold? Drink water. Your muscles are sore from running? Drink water. And not surprising, water is helpful with teeth whitening as well. Just as mentioned with apples, water helps to speed up your mouths production of saliva which is a natural way to rid your teeth of excess plaque and tartar that causes your teeth to yellow.

As a good tip, make sure that you drink water after you eat food or consume a dark colored beverage like coffee or black tea.


Yes, it’s true that carrots are good for your eyesight, but they’re also good for your teeth as well. Similar to apples, every time you bite into a carrot, your teeth are being wiped clean of plaque and tartar that causes yellowing teeth. In essence, carrots act as a natural toothbrush.

Whitening your teeth doesn’t have to be too much work. In fact, by incorporating these three things into your diet, you can help to whiten your teeth in no time.

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