How to Stay Motivated Past the New Year

Everybody knows that around the first of the New Year, gyms will be packed full of people and health food stores will be filled with individuals trying to change up their diet. However, once February and March roll around, people slowly (or quickly in some cases) start to abandon their New Year’s resolutions and fall back into old habits. If you are setting some health and fitness goals for the upcoming year, follow these tips to help ensure that you stay motivated all year long.thinmd1

  1. Start off Slowly

One of the biggest problems that people run into when setting New Year’s resolutions is that they dive right into their goal head first— setting goals that are sure to end up in failure within a few weeks time. In order to help you succeed, start off slowly. If you have a goal to workout five days a week, try going to the gym for shorter amounts of time and then work up to hour long sessions. This suggestion is especially relevant for athletes because it will prevent you from getting injured.

  1. Set a Solid Goal

Having a solid goal in mind, is another great way to ensure taht you stay on your path towards sticking with your New Year’s resolution. For instance, set a firm goal to lose twenty pounds by June or July. This will give you enough time to lose the weight healthily and it will also give you something firm to look forward to down the road.

  1. Find a Friend

Whether your resolution involves eating healthier or a fitness program, having a buddy to do it with you is a great way to stay motivated well into the new year. When you’re having off days and just don’t feel like you can do anymore, your friend can pick you up and get you back on track— and vice versa.

By following these three tips, you can help to achieve your goals and beat the odds. To learn more about ways to stay motivated past the new year, contact our office today!



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