Do patients need progesterone when they use testosterone pellets?

Progesterone like your other hormones may need to be replaced but it is not always needed with testosterone pellet therapy. During your initial evaluation your specific symptoms and lab work might suggest a need for natural progesterone replacement. If you complain of anxiety or poor sleep, bio-identical or natural progesterone may be indicated.  Topical, oral or vaginal preparations are used. We will prescribe a bio-identical progesterone, like the FD approved Prometrium, to help balance your hormones. The bio-identical progesterone’s have not been associated with an increase risk for breast cancer. This differs from the synthetic progestin (Provera), which has been shown to increase breast cancer in the WHI study.

If you have been prescribed estradiol, or other estrogen therapy then natural progesterone is needed. We use the natural progesterone to prevent the growth of the uterine lining caused from unopposed estrogen therapy. Progesterone can reduce the risk for endometrial cancer if you are taking estrogen therapy.

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