ICON Aesthetic Laser

ICON Laser Treatment through Photorejuvenation

Photorejuvenation uses light energy from a laser & laser-like device called an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) to improve:

  • Brown spots caused by the sun, aging and genetics
  • Blotchy redness
  • Broken blood vessels

Photorejuvenation, which is sometimes referred to as a “Photofacial”, also improves texture by stimulating collagen production in the skin. This makes pores appear smaller and fine lines less noticeable. Four to five treatments are spaced 3-4 weeks apart to achieve the best results. Our clients love the way photorejuvenation treatments make their skin look and feel: tight, refreshed and even toned.

The entire face is treated in approximately 20 minutes. The neck, chest, arms and hands may also be treated safely and effectively using the ICON Aesthetic laser and intense pulsed light system for treating skin rejuvenation. No anesthetic cream is necessary during a photorejuvenation procedure.

Temporary redness and darkening of freckles and brown spots after each treatment are expected. Occasionally, slight swelling occurs under the eyes. More serious side effects are rare, but most can be avoided by proper sun avoidance before and after the procedure. Possible adverse effects include discoloration (lightening or darkening), prolonged redness, bruising, swelling and although extremely rare, blistering or scarring.

The best way to maintain results is to protect the skin from sun and use medical grade products in your home skin care program and a broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA-UVB coverage. Those who suffer from rosacea may need to use topical or oral medicines to prevent the return of blood vessels that cause the excessive redness. After the initial series of treatments, one or two photorejuvenation treatments per year are helpful to keep brown spots, blood vessels and fine lines at bay.  Frequency of maintenance treatments largely depends on sun exposure.

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Before Photorejuvenation After 4 Treatements


Rosacea is an inflammatory disorder causing redness, flushing and acne-type breakouts on the face. It generally affects adults between the ages of 30 and 60 with fair skin. About 14 million Americans have this chronic skin condition. Although it’s more common vin women, men may develop more apparent signs of the disorder. It’s not a life threatening condition, but it can affect your appearance and lower one’s self-esteem. Left untreated, rosacea tends to be progressive, which means it gets worse over time and more difficult to manage. The cause of rosacea remains unclear, and it is famously difficult to treat. However, with the newest laser technology, it can generally be successfully improved and controlled. A series of 3-6 treatments taking 30 to 45 minutes each is performed to seal the layers of tiny vessels that cause the generalized redness and flushing problems. There is no downtime after treatments other than redness that generally dissipates over several hours. Some clients report swelling for a few days.

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Before After 4 Treatements

Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing with Laser

For those clients concerned with acne, surgical scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, or melasma (patchy, brown discoloration), non-ablative fractional laser skin resurfacing is an excellent treatment choice. The non-ablative fractional laser skin resurfacing performed with the Palomar Icon 1540™ laser handpiece, is the most advanced technology available for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing. The Palomar 1540 is the only laser to receive FDA-approval for stretch marks. Most patients require a series of 3-5 treatments at 4-6 week intervals.

This technology is the perfect choice for the treatment of:

  • Stretchmark’s
  • Acne and surgical scars
  • Eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, crows feet
  • Blotchy skin
  • Melasma
  • Improves skin tone, texture, and pore size

The Palomar 1540 laser resurfacing procedure works by treating tiny columns of tissue within the larger treatment zone, leaving some areas untouched by the laser. By treating only a portion of the tissue, damage can be effectively reduced or eliminated while resulting in far less discomfort and downtime, and far quicker healing time, than other procedure. Most patients have four treatment procedures spaced one month apart.

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Before Wrinkle Treatment After Wrinkle Treatment
1.7 1.8
Before C-Section Scar After Treatement
1.9 1.10
Stretch Marks Before After Treatement

Permanent Hair Reduction with ICON Lux R

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for hair removal is your solution if you live with unwanted hair and find that too much of your time and money is consumed by waxing, shaving, using creams or electrolysis. Electrolysis is effective, but since it only treats one hair follicle at a time, it is not practical for large areas and can be extremely painful and time-consuming.

IPL selectively destroys hundreds of follicles upon each pulse of light delivered without harming the surrounding skin. The light absorbed by the pigment in the follicles is transformed into heat, which can safely disable the follicle. The heat loosens the hair and disables the cells responsible for growing new hair.  Since pigment is necessary to treat effectively, we cannot treat gray, blonde or silver hair.

Hair follicles grow in cycles. It is impossible to treat all the viable hair follicles in one session. To be effective, a series of 6-8 treatments is necessary. To target the active growth cycles, the treatments are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. During this time, it is important to shave or clip the new hair growth between hair removal treatments. No waxing, plucking or hair removal creams should be used since the hair shaft must be intact for the light energy to be transmitted to the hair bulb.

Almost all areas, such as face (except around the eyes), back, chest, shoulders, legs and arms can be treated effectively, quickly and safely. At Thin Center MD, we use the ICON Aesthetic System due to its unparalleled efficacy, no need for anesthetic cream, the SkinTel® patented skin melanin measuring device for safety and no downtime. Experience the freedom of no more waxing, tweezing or shaving!

Sun Damage and Sun Spots

Benign pigmented lesions such as age spots, liver spots, actinic damage or sun damage on the face, neck, décolleté, shoulders, hands, legs and back can be removed by an Intense Pulsed Light photorejuvenation treatment.   Each lesion can be treated individually or an entire area such as back, arms, chest or legs can be targeted all at once to even out skin tone. Clients with these concerns may require 1-3 treatments achieve clearing. Combining the use of physician directed skin care, bleaching products and UVA-UVB blocking SPF 30 sunscreens with the IPL procedure will give the best results.

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Acne Treatments

Acne is a difficult process to improve because it involves four processes in the skin:

  • Excess oil production
  • Bacteria
  • Inflammation
  • Dead Skin Cells

That is why treating acne take a multi treatment approach. Sometimes IPL treatments are combined with chemical peels and facials and microdermabrasion to treat all aspects of acne. Physician directed skin care is imperative to combat oil production and even out pH levels and kill bacteria. Ask us about our 10 Step Acne Program which attacks acne on all four sides!

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Medical-Grade Skin Care Products

Thin Center MD prescribes medical-grade skin care products to achieve and maintain the healthy skin you desire and deserve. Our skin care products can be used to complement a customized treatment program as well as combat the ongoing skin damage that occurs through the aging process and our Florida environment. A complete skin care program should include products that address the following:

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing
  • Correction of existing skin conditions
  • Prevention of further damage by skin stressors such as
  • UV exposure and environmental pollution
  • Protection with UVA UVB broad spectrum sunscreens

Thin Center MD carries only medical-grade products designed by

by industry-leading manufacturers. Together, our team of aesthetic professionals will strive to offer real solutions to your aging, health, and wellness concerns. We promise to only offer products and services we truly believe in. If we don’t think it works… we promise not to sell it here.

We take the subject of health and beauty seriously. The combination of our clinical expertise and a sincere passion for helping people look and feel their best at every age is what motivates us each day to come to work. We choose to work together because we share a common set of deeply rooted core values… These values are the foundation on which this practice was built. These values continue to serve as a compass and guide our interactions each day.

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