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Feel and look beautiful! Our Professional Makeup Artist can enhance your favorite features creating a flawless, finished look. She can even teach you to perfect your skills at doing your own makeup! You will be able to experiment with different cosmetic brands and different looks for daytime and nighttime.

Why have your makeup done by a professional?

  • They use professional grade products and tools
  • They have years of expertise and training
  • They’re trained to color match your skin tone and use techniques that naturally enhance your best facial features while disguising other, less flattering ones just by applying makeup.
  • They have knowledge in makeup payoff through film and/or photography
  • If you don’t consider yourself skilled at applying your own makeup and it takes you more time than necessary, you can count on them to finish in a timely manner without mistakes.
  • A pleasant and informative appointment is always guaranteed


Makeup Tips & Tricks

 Makeup Tips & Tricks

 How can I make my eyes appear larger?

  • Apply a white or cream-colored liner on the water line and multiple coats of mascara on the lashes, making your eyes appear more open.

How do I cover blue/grey under eye circles?

Believe it or not, try using an orange tone concealer.

  • Orange cancels out blue, neutralizing the problem area. Then, go back over the area with your normal foundation and set with powder.

How do I find the right concealer color?

Never go more than 2 shades lighter than your foundation.

  • If you go too light with your concealer, it will cause an “ashy” appearance, which only draws more attention.

How do I make my pores appear smaller?

Use a Primer.

  • Not all primers are created for pore minimizing purposes, so, you have to choose the correct one. It should specify on the package if it is a pore minimizer.

How often should I wash my makeup brushes?

You should shampoo and condition your brushes about once a month.

  • For a quick cleanse between different colors, you can use a regular brush cleaner as needed.

How do I wash my makeup brushes?

First, rinse your brushes with lukewarm water then lightly lather them with any gentle soap. Avoid getting water near the handle, as this can cause the glue inside to loosen and bristles to fall out over time. Once cleansed, apply a small amount of coconut oil or gentle moisturizer to keep them conditioned. Lastly, mold them into their original shape and lay them on a flat surface to air dry.

How can I get better color payoff with my eye shadows?

If you have an eye shadow that doesn’t transfer as pigmented onto your lid, use a damp brush to apply it.

  • You can spritz your brush with something like MAC Fix+ or, lightly mist it with water. This helps the color adhere better to your brush for a more opaque application.

How do I prevent creasing foundation and/or concealer?

Be sure to set your foundation and/or concealer with powder.

  • All cream and liquid products must be set with a powder to ensure longevity and to prevent creasing.

What colors compliment blue eyes?

Bronze and coppers are ideal.

  • These colors are found on the opposite side of the color wheel and naturally enhance blue eyes.



Services and Price Range

  • MAKEUP APPLICATION – $50/HR- $75/HR (based on products used)
  • FULL BRIDAL APPLICATION – $125 (Touch up kit included)

Service breakdown and what to expect:

  • MAKEUP APPLICATION – In regards to your specific skin type, we start by prepping your skin as needed with moisturizer, anti-shine and primer. Next, we will move on to the eye shadow. This is done first to avoid any “fall out” on your soon to be flawless foundation. Lashes can also be applied at no additional cost. We will then frame the eyes by filling in and shaping your brows, as needed. Now that the eyes are complete, onto foundation! We’ll color match your unique skin tone and apply, light to full coverage, as preferred. Once the base is on, we’ll color correct and conceal any problem areas you may have, then, set your face with powder. Time for contour and highlight! Since we all have individual facial structures, we’ll only contour and highlight to bring out your favorite features and disguise the others, again, as needed. To finish it off, a lip color will be applied that compliments the look, along with a fresh spritz of setting spray to ensure longevity.
  • BRIDAL CONSULTATION AND REVEAL – On the actual day of your wedding, the clock is ticking and you have time limitations. During your bridal consultation, we will be able to discuss any ideas and requests you may have. We can look at pictures for inspiration and fill out a face chart of the look you choose. We’ll also color match your skin tone (airbrushing available) during the initial visit and allow you to test out any products. If desired, a preview of the makeup look can be done on you. Not that we can’t make you look beautiful without a trial, but, we want to spend some extra time with you so your makeup can be perfected and applied efficiently the day of. This appointment is to ensure happiness and confidence knowing you will look stunning on your big day!
  • FULL BRIDAL APPLICATION – Finally, the day of your wedding has arrived! How exciting and, let’s admit, a little nerve wracking! At least now you will be able to relax and enjoy having your makeup done with full confidence that you will absolutely love the end result. You should feel pampered on your special day! We will get started right away and a touch up kit will be provided with some samples and extra goodies to take with you!
  • FLAWLESS AIRBRUSH FOUNDATION – When you come in for your airbrush application, I will briefly explain how the airbrush works and patch test to find your color. Then, we will prep your skin as needed in regards to your skin type and conceal any problem areas. There are two types of foundation to choose from, oil and water based. Oil based is recommended for clients who have dry skin that like a “dewy” finish (it can also be set with powder for a matte finish). Water based has a matte finish and is great for clients with oily skin. It does not have to be set with powder and cannot be made dewy. Airbrush makeup is a light mist of foundation. We will go over an area of your face with only air so you can get a feel of the machine and how it works. The coverage is gradual so light passes will be done as many times as needed for the preferred coverage. Only the foundation is applied with the airbrush. Everything else will be done manually.

** False lashes can be applied for no additional cost, if desired. You will receive a complete face chart on the look that was done for future reference and for product knowledge. All appointments include a Full-face makeover, from primer to setting spray! **


Meet Our Professional Makeup Artist


Summer Mitchell is a true local, born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. She’s an outgoing girl whose creativity and perseverance lead her to pursue a career she’s passionate about. Summer is a professional Makeup Artist who graduated from Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry, the only Makeup school in South FL that is accredited by the ACCSC and licensed by the Florida Department of Education. She was trained by world-renowned artists and specializes in Fashion Makeup Artistry. Her knowledge and skill set ranges from clean beauty to high fashion makeup. Whether you need a quick daytime look or airbrushing, she’s your girl!

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