Nutritional Weight Loss Programs

What services are offered in a Nutritional Weight Loss Program at Thin Centers MD?

1. Diet Programs:weight loss program jacksonville fl | nutritional program san jose FL

• Fresh Diet-allows you to choose from a wide variety of fresh foods.
• hCG Protocol-based on Dr Simeon’s original study.
• Fusion Diet-a hybrid of fresh foods and healthy meal replacements.
• Purify Diet-our 28 day cleanse designed to help with Gut issues.
• On-the-Go Diet-combines healthy meal replacements with your meals.
• Maintenance Program- 12 month program to keep you motivated and on track for long term results.

Zerona-Body Slimming Laser:

• Non-invasive cold laser that helps to target fat cells and loss of inches in a safe, effective way.
• Works even more effectively when paired with one of our diets.

2. Sports Nutrition

• Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior we can help you optimize your performance. Athletes have different dietary needs than the average person. We focus on educating our patients on the dietary requirements for their given sport and level of activity. We will design a personalized program based on your specific nutrient needs.

3. Corporate Wellness

• Does your company need a Corporate Wellness Program? We are offering customizable employee wellness challenges in a unique, interactive way where your employees can reach their exercise goals and stay healthy. We can also combine that with our weight loss programs giving your employees the option for improving their health in a proven program.

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If you have any questions, we are here to help you find the best direction when researching nutritional & weight loss programs. To schedule a body type evaluation with our weight loss experts in Jacksonville Beach FL, submit your contact information on our page.

To speak to one of our representatives directly, call us today at 904-694-0992 and you will be connected with a weight loss specialist in Jacksonville FL or San Jose FL.

Our team at Thin Centers MD are in gratitude of your thoughts in considering our practice, and will continue to provide weight management services to the Florida community because we believe that everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful!

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