Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: Natural Therapy for a Natural You

Even though it may seem like science is the way to fix everything, there have been many studies which prove that a natural (or even close to natural!) remedy is the better choice, providing better results and posing less threats in terms of side effects.

shutterstock_173837195The Natural Therapy
Bioidentical hormone therapy is a step toward this natural goal. More commonly known as natural hormone therapy, this helps you stay healthy by using artificial hormones that are completely identical on a molecular level to the endogenous hormones in your body. Because they are essentially the same as your natural hormones, this is where they get the name “natural hormone therapy,” although as they are not completely natural, “bioidentical” is more accurate.

The Miracles of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
Bioidentical hormone therapy actually has many different uses. What is does is determine the hormone level in your body and therefore figures out any anomalies present in the body. These hormone levels are later fixed by the therapy in order to give you the same youthful strength and energy that you once had. It basically revitalizes your body and youth through the use of close-to-natural remedies.

Is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Ideal for You?
The people who benefit the most from bioidentical hormone therapy are those suffering from common issues like difficultly losing weight or stubborn belly fat. It can also help those who have annoying joint pain or insomnia. If you have hectic routine and suffer from low energy or stamina, difficulty focusing, or short-term memory loss, bioidentical hormone therapy can actually do some real wonders. Men and women suffering from thinning hair have also reported improvement after using this therapy. Other possible uses include:

Even though some people doubt the actual power of bioidentical hormone therapy, there is no obvious or substantial damage. So have a little faith in natural remedies and your own body. Come into the Thin Centers of Maryland and try out bioidentical hormone therapy today!



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