3 Lean and Mean Protein Filled Snacks

beautiful female figureWhen it comes to either snacking at the office during the workweek or snacking at home during the weekend, it can be more tempting to reach for the chips and pretzels than it is to reach for a healthy snack. As the majority of calories that people consume each day, it’s important that you choose snacks that will help you stay lean and hopefully not too mean.



As a low fat and high-protein nut, almonds are a great snack to choose from. Not only will they keep you full for a little longer than other snacks like pretzels or candy, but they will also help you to build long lean muscles that you can sustain. However, make sure that you watch how many almonds you eat because they can cause things like bloating and diarrhea. Additionally, almonds are fairly high in calories, so make sure you are portioning out how many almonds you eat per snack.


Hard-boiled Eggs

As another lean and mean snack, hard boiled eggs are a great way to fuel up on protein while leaving things like sugar and processed chemicals at home. Although hard-boiled eggs require some thought and preparation, at only 100 calories per egg, this snack will keep you full for longer without the additional caloric intake of other snacks.


Greek Yogurt

As a fad that hit grocery stores everywhere about 5 years ago, Greek yogurt is an ideal and tasty way to stock up on some extra protein during your snack time. Whether you opt to portion your yogurt out yourself or stock up on small containers of this Greek treat, this snack is great for both morning and dessert. However, often filled with a lot of sugars, be sure to read the label on the back of the container. If you notice that it contains a lot of sugars, try opting for the original flavored Greek yogurt and add a little bit of raw honey to it.


Getting your fill of protein doesn’t have to be hard with these three snacks.


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