Age Management

Youth denotes beauty and strength, but considering yourself unable to maintain beauty, only because you are growing older, is a narrow approach. Aging is unavoidable and certain, but learning how to manage this aging can ensure a lasting, youthful appearance.

This practice, known as age management, helps patients to successfully manage the affects of growing older. Instead of treating aging as a dilemma, Dr. Capassos and staff at Thin Centers MD help patients manage aging effectively, lessening age as a root cause for bodily ailments and malfunctions.

Age Management is NOT about stopping growing older

The philosophy behind this new area of medicine is to manage, rather than seek to reverse, the negative affects of aging, such as fatigue, reduced physical activity, and weakening of the bones. This is accomplished through changes in lifestyle, nutrition and daily routine.

Age Management – Women

Women are the most conscious group of the symptoms of aging, such as wrinkles. Our program for female age management addresses many issues pertaining specifically to women, including menopause and hormonal imbalances.

Age Management – Men

Men’s aging is also accompanied by a number of symptoms, such as blood pressure issues, congenital disorders, and hormonal imbalances. Male age management helps alleviate these affects.

For both men and women, patients are advised to maintain physical activity in their daily routine and a balanced nutrition.



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