Find Your Most Beautiful Skin Ever with Clarisonic

Is your regular skin care routine leaving your skin looking dull and making you feel less vibrant than it should? Did you know that there is a simple device on the market that is perfect for cleaning your skin at its deepest levels – revealing beautiful clean and healthy skin with every wash?

Clarisonic is an innovative skincare brush that works to gently cleanse your face and improve the natural elasticity of your skin. By using sonic frequency, moving more than 300 times per second, it causes your skin to flex, removing dirt and oil from deep within your pores. A Clarisonic brush may look intimidating but is actually quite comfortable to use and has many great benefits.

The benefits of Clarisonic include:

Clarisonic will leave your skin looking and feeling so beautiful that you will want to use it every day as part of your regular routine. If you’re ready to try a new kind of at-home skin care contact Dr. Anthony Capasso today about how to purchase and use a Clarisonic.



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