Grow Your Lashes with Latisse

Have you spent countless dollars on volumizing mascara or even false lashes for temporary results? Do your lackluster eyelashes have you wishing for fuller, darker lashes that last? Many of our patients come to us seeking permanent solutions for their cosmetic concerns – including their eyelashes. The good news is that there is a product on the market now that can offer exactly what you are looking for.

fgdhdLatisse is a safe and effective way to dramatically improve the volume and number of your eyelashes. Latisse is a prescription medication that helps your lashes grow fuller, longer and thicker than ever before.

Latisse is a very easy product to use. Similar to mascara, all you have to do is apply it topically to the surface of your lashes, every day. However unlike mascara, Latisse is not a black, dyed product. However over time it will work better than any mascara you’ve tried! Every day you will notice an improvement to the volume of your lashes, with full results seen after about 4 months of treatment.

Soon after treatment, your lashes will begin to grow longer than ever. Secondly, they will begin to grow thicker and fuller and eventually even darker. Your lashes will be naturally more beautiful, without mascara or false lashes.

Latisse is the most effective ways to create beautiful, full lashes that last. Don’t continue wasting money on false lashes or special mascaras, ask Dr. Capasso about treatment with Latisse today.



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