Reduce Inches from Your Waistline with the Zerona Laser

Have you been dieting and exercising but still have stubborn, visible fat deposits? For those patients that have tried and tried to eliminate fat in key areas with limited success, but perhaps are not ready for surgical fat removal, Thin Centers MD has the perfect laser solution for you.

The ZERONA Laser safely and effectively removes fat from stubborn areas of the body – all without surgery. Avoiding surgery also avoids, time, expense, potential complications, and patient downtime. Get back to work quickly – and your co-workers will never know that you’ve had help with your problem areas.

The ZERONA Laser is perfect for those patients who need help tightening a post-pregnancy tummy or reducing the volume of love-handles. ZERONA is proven to eliminate inches from these areas, quickly and safely. Full results should reveal themselves within two weeks of receiving treatment.

ZERONA is approved by the FDA and uses a laser to dissolve your fat cells below the surface of the skin. No needles, no surgery. Most of our patients report that treatment with the ZERONA laser is completely pain free and comfortable, in fact the laser is completely cool on the surface of your skin.

Your session will take less than one hour, however we do recommend multiple sessions for optimal results. Many patients choose 6 treatment sessions spaced out over two weeks.

Stop fighting or covering up your stubborn fat deposits. Show off a beautiful new waistline with the ZERONA laser. Contact Thin Centers MD for your initial consultation today and learn if ZERONA is the solution for you.



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