Rejuvenate with Venus Freeze

Thin Centers MD is now very proud to offer new solutions for cellulite reduction and skin tightening. As we get older it is common to experience changes in our body’s physical appearance. Wrinkles may suddenly appear where they were never noticed before; cellulite may appear on our thighs and buttocks area. Often these are the areas that are also the most difficult to target through diet and exercise. In addition to the natural effects of aging, long term sun exposure can also cause wrinkles, photo aging and loose or sagging skin.

Venus Freeze is a new device that will correct these conditions and reverse the signs of aging you may be experiencing. Venus Freeze uses magnetic pulses to sprout the growth of new blood vessels and healthy skin tissue like collagen and elastin. The production of these tissues not only plumps your skin in a natural way but also eliminates the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

If you’ve been seeking a non-surgical treatment for your excess fat and cellulite and diet and exercise are just no longer enough, consider Venus Freeze today. Venus Freeze is an effective non-invasive treatment for your face, neck, arms, belly, back and legs.

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