3 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

3 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

coconutCoconut oil hit the popularity market a few years ago as a great way to give your body the healthy oils it needs without adding any sort of trans fats to your diet. And as something that is certainly not a fad, coconut oil can help not only with giving your body healthy fats but it can help with your hair and teeth as well. Read on to learn more about the wonders of coconut oil.

Hair Mask

If you have long hair and have noticed that you have more split-ends than you would like to admit, then your hair is likely suffering from dry damage caused by things like curling, straightening, and blow drying your hair. As a great and all-natural way to revitalize your hair and give it the moisture it needs, simply apply a small amount of coconut oil to the ends of your hair and let it sit there for around 10-20 minutes. Wash out with shampoo and conditioner in order to get the greasiness out.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves placing about a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth, and then using your tongue to “pull” the oil through your teeth and around your mouth. With benefits such as naturally whitening your teeth and ridding your mouth of any sort of harmful bacteria, oil pulling is definitely something worth trying.

Cook With It

Unlike other oils like canola and vegetable oil that are filled with polyunsaturated fats, coconut oil contains medium chained fatty acids that are more easily digested by your body. Additionally, coconut oil is said to contain Lauric acid which has antibacterial and antiviral properties. By adding a bit of a sweet flavor to your food, coconut oil is also a great way to add a little more zest to your cooking while still remaining healthy.

As you can see, there are many great and unique benefits to coconut oil. Whether you choose to cook with it or use it on your hair, it won’t disappoint. To learn more about coconut oil and other health benefits, contact Thin Centers MD today!



How to Turn Your Diet Into a Lifestyle

health tipsNo matter where you turn it can seem like there’s a new diet fad— from green tea cleanses to protein diets, it can seem like there’s an up and coming diet wherever you look. However, as one of the pitfalls to many of these fad diets, people more often than not tend to get rid of the diet after a few weeks or months and end up gaining all of the weight back. If you are interested in a long-term lifestyle change, you need to learn how to turn your diet into part of your lifestyle. Read on to learn more.

Know Yourself

You more than anybody knows yourself. You know what your strengths are and you know what your weaknesses are. If you know that if someone brings doughnuts to the office that you’re going to have a hard time saying “No” then consider going on a diet that allows you to indulge in sweets every once in awhile. After all, by depriving your body of the things that you love most, you are more likely to fall off the wagon. Whereas if you participate in a diet program that has a little wiggle room, it will be easier for you to stick to. Know what your limits and expectations are before you go on a new diet.

Get a Support Team

It’s no fun to go to a hamburger joint with your friends only to see them ordering fries and milkshakes while you’re eating a salad without any sort of dressing on it. That’s why it’s important to try to find a support team. Whether you have your own family or live with friends/roommates, see if the people whom you spend most of your time with want to participate in the same diet with you. By not having things like cookies and chips tempting you from the pantry, you can help to stay on a better track towards success.

In order for you to live a healthy lifestyle in which you can keep extra weight off, you need a diet that is more than a diet; you need a diet that is a lifestyle. To learn more about choosing a diet for you, contact Thin Centers MD today!

The Truth Behind High Intensity Workouts

High intensity workouts hit the health and wellness market a few years ago with the emergence of exercise videos that would test every part of your body and strength. Designed to test you and your limits, high intensity workouts have remained popular and have proven to be effective for many people trying to lose weight. Read on to learn more about why Thin Center patients enjoy high intensity workouts.

work out

  1. They Involve Your Own Strength

Depending on what type of high intensity workout you opt to do, many of them require the use of your own body in order to build muscles and strength— meaning that no weights or exercise equipment will be required of you. For instance, rather than using dumbbells in order to increase your muscle mass in your arms, high intensity workouts will have you rely on your own body with exercises like push-ups and arm lifts using a chair in your house. Not only does this type of strength training push your body to different limits but it can help protect yourself from injuries related to lifting too much weight.

  1. They Can Be Done Quickly

Another benefit to high intensity workouts? You don’t have to have a lot of time. In fact, exercises like the 7 minute workout are designed to give you a full body workout in just 7 minutes. The trick, however, is that you have to push your body to the absolute max for those 7 minutes without sitting down or taking breaks that are longer than around 30-45 seconds. It might sound easy at first, but once you give it a try you will notice that it’s a lot harder than you ever imagined.

  1. They Help Promote Weight Loss

One of the greatest benefit of high intensity workouts and with the help of Thin Centers, is that you can lose weight typically faster than if you were just participating in a regular workout routine. Because you are doing things like sprint exercises and are pushing your body to its absolute limits, you are burning more calories and storing less fat.

When it comes to getting thin faster, we at Thin Centers know the importance of trying new things like a high intensity workout. With several benefits listed above, these workouts will push you to your limits and help you to get thinner, faster. To learn more, contact our Thin Centers MD office today!

How to Maintain Your Sex Drive As You Age

Having a healthy sex drive isn’t just a necessary part of any relationship but it can also give you the energy that you need in order to live a properly fulfilled life. However, as you age you might not only find that you aren’t able to do things like exercise the way you once used to, but you may also find that your sex drive has also started to plummet. However, by following the tips below, you can help to either maintain or increase your sex drive.

sex management1. Eating Right
Did you know that a healthy diet affects more than just your heart and waistline? A healthy diet can also increase your sex drive. To increase your libido, try to eat a diet enriched with the following foods:

• Strawberries
• Avocados
• Almonds
• Sweet Potatoes
• Sesame Seeds

2. Getting the Right Amount of Rest
The last thing you will likely feel like doing when your body is so exhausted and drained is having sex. However, by giving your body the rest it needs in order to recuperate every night (at least 8 hours) you can help to get the energy and excitement needed to have more sex, more often.

3. Exercise
It’s no secret that exercise gives you endorphins and so does sex. However, by frequently working out and releasing those endorphins, your body is more inclined to want to have sex in frequent and healthy doses. This isn’t to say that the more you work out, the more of a guaranteed sexual appetite you will have, but it does play a factor.

As an added suggestion, try exercising with your significant other. By getting hot and sweaty at the gym together, you can bring that same emotion into your bedroom afterwards.

It’s true what they say, as soon as your sex drive goes, the more likely your personal relationship is to fail. However, as you age you don’t have to give up on that intimacy with your significant other. By eating right, getting the right amount of rest, and exercising frequently, you can help to either maintain or increase your libido. To learn more about healthy living or to speak to an expert, contact Thin Centers today!

Naturally Whiten Your Teeth with These Foods

Eating AppleTeeth whitening is one of those things that every wants to reap the benefits of but nobody wants to work for. With in-office teeth whitening, whitening pens, whitening toothpastes, and whitening strips, the list of whitening solutions for you to choose from is virtually endless. However, whitening your teeth doesn’t have to be that hard, especially if you’re just trying to get rid of surface stains caused by foods and dark beverages. Read on to learn more about natural ways to whiten your teeth.


“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” might be an old saying that is only a little bit true, but eating an apple a day can actually help keep your smile a little brighter and whiter. The natural acidity in apples combined with the hard texture that acts as a brush against your teeth, both contribute to an apples ability to whiten up your smile in just a few bites. Plus, apples speed up your production of saliva which is one of the best ways to rid your teeth of germs and plaque that cause yellow teeth.


Water is good for pretty much every part of your body— you have a headache? Drink water. You have a cold? Drink water. Your muscles are sore from running? Drink water. And not surprising, water is helpful with teeth whitening as well. Just as mentioned with apples, water helps to speed up your mouths production of saliva which is a natural way to rid your teeth of excess plaque and tartar that causes your teeth to yellow.

As a good tip, make sure that you drink water after you eat food or consume a dark colored beverage like coffee or black tea.


Yes, it’s true that carrots are good for your eyesight, but they’re also good for your teeth as well. Similar to apples, every time you bite into a carrot, your teeth are being wiped clean of plaque and tartar that causes yellowing teeth. In essence, carrots act as a natural toothbrush.

Whitening your teeth doesn’t have to be too much work. In fact, by incorporating these three things into your diet, you can help to whiten your teeth in no time.

To learn more about professional teeth whitening, or to contact an appointment with our office, contact us today!

Put Down the Candy: 3 Seasonal Foods That Are Actually Good for You

Eating SaladWith Halloween in the air and grocery store aisles lined with your favorite candy treats, it can be hard not to grab a few bags for “trick-or-treaters” (Queue your face covered completely in chocolate). Although you can get away with having a piece or two or five of candy this season try to put down the sweet treats and opt for these three seasonal foods that are actually good for you.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

This orange vegetable proves to be one of the healthiest foods available on the market, and with sweet potatoes being in season during fall, you might as well add a few to your grocery list every week. Packed with over 400% of your daily dose of Vitamin A and over 30% of your daily dose of Vitamin C, this starchy treat is not only tasty but awfully healthy as well.

One of the best things about sweet potatoes? You can cook them in a variety of ways. Bake them for a more traditional approach, saute them with some olive oil and onion, or you can even transform them into a sweet potato fry (this probably isn’t the healthiest option, although it is quite tasty).

  1. Pumpkin

Harvest season wouldn’t be harvest season without pumpkin treats to enjoy. And although sweet treats like pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread are enticing to enjoy, recipes that include fresh pumpkin in them prove to be a healthier alternative. Chock-full of vitamins and minerals, pumpkin is great for your skin, eye health, and your immune system. Plus, this orange vegetable is also good for soothing your stomach after it has been upset.

  1. Apples

Whether you prefer Honeycrisp, Gala, or Pink Lady as your number one choice of apple, this sweet fruit is the perfect way to curb off candy cravings and replace them with something a bit more healthy. Apples are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and fiber in order to help regulate your digestive system. Snack on some apple slices throughout the day or dip some in some peanut butter for an after dinner snack.

These three fruits and vegetables boast to be the perfect fall treats for everyone in your family to enjoy this season.

To learn more about healthy living, contact our office today!

Embrace Aging

face-horizontal-SmallAging can have its toll on virtually every part of your lifestyle. From slowing down your metabolism to lowering your sex drive, sometimes it can feel like aging only comes with an assortment of problems. However, you don’t have to constantly dread the effects of aging— in fact, you can fully embrace them.



By combining a diet rich in protein, fruits, vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates, you can start to lose weight and increase your energy. Try adding protein bars and supplements to your diet in order to add that extra boost of protein that you need in order to start looking and feeling like yourself once again. Just be mindful of your sugar intake because a lot of supplements and even things like cereals that claim to be healthy, are actually very high in sugar and could prevent you from shedding those extra pounds.



As the most natural way for your body to get back its energy, exercise is a crucial part of aging gracefully. As you age, your metabolism slows down which means that eating that extra doughnut no longer is an easy pass, but it’s one that will show up on the scale the next day. When first getting into an exercise routine, contact your doctor and a personal trainer to ensure that your heart is healthy and that you’re performing an exercise routine that won’t push you over the edge.


Facial Treatments

Your face is one of the first areas of your body that will start to show the effects of aging. However, through both laser treatments and facial fillers, you can get tighter and younger looking skin in just a few hours.


Embrace your age and age gracefully, by incorporating these three things into your routine. Not only will you look younger but you will hopefully feel younger too.


To learn more, contact our office today!

3 Lean and Mean Protein Filled Snacks

beautiful female figureWhen it comes to either snacking at the office during the workweek or snacking at home during the weekend, it can be more tempting to reach for the chips and pretzels than it is to reach for a healthy snack. As the majority of calories that people consume each day, it’s important that you choose snacks that will help you stay lean and hopefully not too mean.



As a low fat and high-protein nut, almonds are a great snack to choose from. Not only will they keep you full for a little longer than other snacks like pretzels or candy, but they will also help you to build long lean muscles that you can sustain. However, make sure that you watch how many almonds you eat because they can cause things like bloating and diarrhea. Additionally, almonds are fairly high in calories, so make sure you are portioning out how many almonds you eat per snack.


Hard-boiled Eggs

As another lean and mean snack, hard boiled eggs are a great way to fuel up on protein while leaving things like sugar and processed chemicals at home. Although hard-boiled eggs require some thought and preparation, at only 100 calories per egg, this snack will keep you full for longer without the additional caloric intake of other snacks.


Greek Yogurt

As a fad that hit grocery stores everywhere about 5 years ago, Greek yogurt is an ideal and tasty way to stock up on some extra protein during your snack time. Whether you opt to portion your yogurt out yourself or stock up on small containers of this Greek treat, this snack is great for both morning and dessert. However, often filled with a lot of sugars, be sure to read the label on the back of the container. If you notice that it contains a lot of sugars, try opting for the original flavored Greek yogurt and add a little bit of raw honey to it.


Getting your fill of protein doesn’t have to be hard with these three snacks.


To learn more about thin and healthy living, contact our office today!

4 Foods to Skinny

Full BodyLosing weight and getting skinny is a constant work in progress. Not only do you ahve to learn to eat right, but you also have to get a good amount of exercise as well. However, by having a diet rich in these four foods, you can be on the road to skinny in no time.

  1. Greens

Filling up on leafy green veggies like kale, chard, and spinach isn’t just good for your overall health. These vitamin packed veggies will also help you to lose weight or simply maintain your current desired weight. By filling you up quickly, these water loaded vegetables will help you stave off any hunger and hopefully help to reduce cravings for things like chocolate chip cookies

  1. Oatmeal

It’s true what they say: if you start your mornings off with a larger and nutritious breakfast, you won’t be as hungry throughout the rest of the day— leaving you with looser pants and a lower number on the scale. As one of the healthiest whole grains out there, oatmeal is packed with nutrition that will fill you up. For healthy toppings try adding dried fruit, honey, agave nectar, peanut butter, or almonds to your oatmeal.

  1. Water

Although, yes, not technically a food, water is the main thing that your body should ingest in order to control and even lose weight. In order to help your body and metabolism function properly, it needs a large supply of water. The same goes for repairing your muscles after a workout. Plus, by staying hydrated throughout the day, you can limit your urge for cravings and feel full for longer periods of time.

  1. Chicken

Rich in protein and low in fat, chicken is one of the best things to incorporate into your diet if you’re trying to lose weight. Just make sure that you’re not adding fatty toppings like dressings, mayonnaise, or creamy soups to the mix. Simply just grill the chicken or bake it with some olive oil drizzled on top. You can either eat the chicken by itself or add it to a healthy mixed-green salad.

By eating these four foods, you can help to either maintain your already skinny figure or lose a few more pounds.

To learn more about how you can obtain a healthy weight, contact us today!

4 Ways to Stay Motivated in the Summer

More stock images - 078Taking care of your body isn’t something that happens overnight and is something that takes consistent work and effort. By making healthy choices, you can stay motivated and on-track all summer long with these 4 tips.


  1. Eat Fresh Fruit

With fruits such as watermelon and blueberries being in season, summer is the best time to swap that ice cream for a bowl of fresh fruit. Even if your friends and family decide to go for the less healthy alternative, take a step back and ask yourself “Will I regret this later?” If the answer is “yes,” then go for that bowl of delicious and nutritious fruit.


  1. Try Something New

It’s easy to get caught in the same routine of going to the gym everyday at the same time. However, with the heat of summer, it’s the perfect time to take your workout outdoors and try something new. For example, if you live by the ocean, try taking a surfing lesson. Surfing is great for your arms, legs, and core— it’s the perfect total-body workout.


Do you live near the mountains? Try going on a hike that you’ve never been on. If the hike is longer than you think you can go, make it a goal to make it to the top of the mountain by the end of summer. That way you have something to work towards all summer long.


  1. Transport Yourself

Even if the sun is scorching hot, put away your car and get into the habit of walking or biking places. For example, if you’re meeting friends for dinner at a restaurant that’s a few miles away, leave an hour early and walk to the restaurant. If you’re too tired to walk back, ask one of your friends for a lift home. The added calories that you’ll burn by walking could help you lose an extra little weight.


  1. Activities

Although summer is notorious for releasing blockbuster hits, try to mix-up your summer activities and do something outside. For example, instead of going to a movie on a Friday night, grab a Frisbee and head to the park to play with your friends. Not only will your body thank you, but the social interaction will leave you feeling happier than before.


To learn more about how to stay motivated, call us today!



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