Hormones: A Continual Balancing Act

Hormones: A Continual Balancing Act

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement TherapyIf you have ever watched someone spinning plates, you understand the vital importance of balance and counterbalance. Many women, as they go through the transition from fertility to menopause, struggle to maintain the hidden balancing act within their body. The years of perimenopause are often described as those in which estrogen levels fall drastically. This description is grossly oversimplified. As such, it can lead to treatment that not only doesn’t help a woman harness her inner power, but actually makes her feel worse.

The Intimate Connection between Estrogen and Progesterone

Estrogen is at the heart of a number of unpleasant symptoms. However, it is not this singular hormone that is the root cause of physical and emotional turmoil. The instigating factor in hormonal imbalance is the decrease in progesterone. When insufficiency in progesterone occurs, estrogen meets no opposition. The lack of counterbalance allows estrogen to dominate, which goes against the common view that decreased estrogen is the problem.

When estrogen dominance has developed, a woman may suffer:

  • Low libido
  • Irritability and depression
  • Breast tenderness
  • Bloating
  • Premenstrual headaches
  • Excess weight in the midsection and hips

Thyroid Function and Hormonal Imbalance

We often discuss hormones and the ovaries during the years leading up to menopause. However, research demonstrates that thyroid function is also a factor in the presence of symptoms. A high percentage of women with hormonal imbalance also exhibit symptoms of hypothyroidism. These may include:

  • Low energy
  • Increased irritability and depression
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Mental fogginess
  • Weight gain

These symptoms look very similar to those associated with estrogen dominance! This is because the two are intertwined. The issue is not necessarily that the thyroid has stopped functioning as it should. In fact, many women tested during perimenopause will exhibit normal thyroid function. What is happening is that the dominant estrogen blocks the thyroid hormone from delivering the goods to the rest of the body.

Age Management can Help

Age management encompasses the various symptoms that women address as they go through a very important life transition. Menopause (and perimenopause) need not be so disruptive. With the right help, it is possible to not only make it through this transition, but to thrive!

Learn more about hormone replacement therapy and age management tools. Schedule your consultation at Thin Centers MD.

How to Look and Feel Great!

We all want to feel and look great! But we continue to age with every passing minute. Your body and skin will change, and we want to help you navigate through this journey.

shutterstock_121062757Aging is a natural process, but there are healthy and safe ways to slow down the progression to stay young and fresh. You have a slew of options to keep you feeling young, and we want to make sure that you make the healthiest choices. At Thin Centers, we provide patients with safe methods to counteract the effects of aging.

We can help you get into great shape without having to worry about negative side effects. We offer:

  • Diets to help you lose weight and stay healthy
  • Hormones that match what your body produces
  • Facial rejuvenation to make your face look young again
  • Customized treatment options

Age Management to Keep You Young Longer
We all age naturally, but don’t you wish that you could be young again?!

We offer a program to manage the aging process to help you feel younger longer. We’re able to detect, treat, and reverse the symptoms of aging. As you age, there are various changes that occur within your body that also physically change your appearance.

With early detection, we can treat and prevent further occurrences of any aging signs, thus keeping you looking young for longer.
We work with you to find treatments to keep you looking younger naturally. Some options include:

  • Nutrition
  • Hormones
  • Medication

Overcome Hormone Decline with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
Part of the aging process includes your body not producing as many hormones as it used to. With less hormone production, you start to show signs of aging. Therefore, hormones are a major factor in looking younger.

Bioidentical hormone therapy involves the use of artificial hormones that are identical to the hormones that your body produces. With fixed levels of hormones in your body, you’re able to maintain your youth, strength, and energy. Bioidentical hormone therapy helps:

  • Minimize the effects of aging
  • Increase cellulite levels
  • Improve energy and memory

We’d love to share the benefits of anti-aging treatment with YOU! Come visit us =)

Be Ageless, Be Superb—the Healthy Way

shutterstock_237276049Youth denotes beauty and strength, but unfortunately, no one can stay young forever. The Spanish never found the Fountain of Youth here in Florida. You can, however—at least a healthy alternative to slow the passage of time. The secret to lifelong youth and beauty lies in your health. If you have a positive attitude, the proper resources, and are willing to work hard, you can keep that youthful glow for much longer than most would expect.

This healthy approach is actually a new branch of medical treatments, called age management. As the name denotes, it helps patients like you successfully navigate the path to old age in a way that doesn’t affect your daily routine. Here at Thin Center MD, we understand that even though age can often cause problems in your body and soul, it is in itself not the problem. We help you treat it not as a dilemma, but rather as a situation that just needs to be managed healthily and effectively.

Age Management is Not About Stopping the Age
The philosophy behind this new area of medicine is to manage the symptoms of growing age, such as fatigue, the need to reduce physical activity, and the weakening of your bones. Many patients misunderstand the point. It is not to stop age; that’s just impossible. Instead, it is controlling and slowing the effects of age by changing your lifestyle, nutrition, and daily routine. Due to biological differences between women and men, there are two main approaches to age management:

Age Management for Women
Women appear to be the biggest audience in age management. Whether it is wrinkles or joint pain, they want to avoid the signs. The program for women addresses many issues pertaining to menopause and hormonal imbalance. There are many medicines, coaches, and guiding programs available to help you ladies manage your age. Again, it’s all about embracing your age and make the best of it, while still remaining healthy and beautiful.

Age Management for Men
Men’s aging is also accompanied by a number of symptoms, like blood pressure issue, congenital disorders, and hormonal imbalance. In order to fight these symptoms, men need to work hard to properly manage their general physical condition. This will keep you revitalized and strong.

Whether you are male or female, you’re advised to keep up a good life balance, including the incorporation of physical activity into your daily routine. Just as important is a balanced diet, full of all necessary nutrients.

Come see us at Thin Centers MD, and we can help you get started with the perfect age management program for you!



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